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Progressive Video Poker

Progressive Poker is an exciting version of video poker and really draws in the punters. It combines the excitement of ‘thrill-a-minute’ slot machines with the skill and strategy of poker.

Progressive Poker is any game where the jackpot steadily increases with the number of players. The more players taking part and the longer the prize remains unclaimed; the higher the total creeps.

It is standard for multiple online video poker machines to be grouped together to form one large centralized jackpot. This can be handled in different ways by casinos:

  • Some casinos are very inclusive about their progressive online video poker, with their jackpot being contributed to by players using all of their progressive video poker games. This means that many players are eligible for the big prize. On the other hand, because the size of the jackpot is determined by the number of players…. it also means that the grand total can spiral sky high during popular playing times.
  • Other casinos may just allocate certain video poker machines to be part of their progressive video poker game, so here your prize may be less but your chances might be higher.

Most machines have minimum betting requirements to qualify for the progressive jackpot and all stipulate the winning hand/s needed to win.

Whereas standard video poker offers a selection of prizes depending on the strength of your final hand; progressive video poker will only pay out on the rarest and strongest of hands, such as the Royal Flush.

As online video poker attracts a multitude of international gamers, all playing simultaneously, the prize money can reach staggering levels.

When chasing the big progressive jackpot remember these simple rules:

  • Trawl through the different casinos to hunt down the biggest games on offer.
  • Stick to your video poker strategy.
  • Play the maximum amount of coins – failure to do so may result in you getting a standard payout and not the progressive jackpot.

The current jackpot is displayed in a meter on the screen. It has a monetary value which increases in real time, providing temptation to many. Once the jackpot is won by a lucky individual, the counter is reset to a minimum jackpot level and will again rise with the flow of play.

Progressive video poker has been a real success online. The high volume of players across the globe results in jackpots that are so big you need to double check you’ve read them right! The ever increasing jackpot meter lures in many, all chasing the dream of that allusive ‘big win’.

If you’re after a game which combines skills and luck and gets your heart pumping, then progressive video poker is definitely for you.

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